Dreams and Goals

Dreams are a final destination; a place where you think you would feel more significant. It is important to have dreams and even more important to achieve your dreams, because your dreams serve as your purpose. Dreams can be achieved if dreams are pursued.

Goals are simply check points to your dreams. In other words goals are steps you take to pursue your dreams. Goals are easy if taken one step at a time, thus making your way to your dreams easy.

For example: If your dream is to be debt free then you would set your goals to reach the level of debt free. This is a minor example on how you can become debt free and each goal must be achieved:
Pay off your credit card.
Pay off your loans.
Pay off your Bank overdraft.
Each goal you achieve places you a step closer to reaching your dreams.
It is important that your dreams with goal setting are clear. The progress to reaching a dream can be delayed or even stopped if your goal setting is not clear. When chasing your dreams and setting goals, you should take time to think about your three greatest tools that define success and greatness; I call them the three F’s

Family is a significant priority in life. If you are successful at everything and struggle with family, your dreams can not be reached. A family is defined by those who care the most for you. When times are tough a family will not forsake nor leave you as many friends do.

Faith is a great asset in your life, for without faith it is impossible to please God. To have faith in God and his great plan for you allows your dreams to become a reality. To have faith to believe in the unbelievable sets no limitations to your dreams.

Finances, as long as we are living on this planet we should be prepared to deal with our finances. Finances are needed to keep us going, thus it is important to identify and know how you will generate your finances. Dreams with good goal setting can make your life and finances stable.

Dreams are easy to speak of they bring forth emotion of happiness. Dreams can be hard to live up to though. It is important to know that your dreams with goals are what you want from life. Dreams are great yet at the same time they are challenging. Take time to ask your self why you want to achieve the dream, how will you benefit from those dreams and how will the world, society and other people be served from your dreams. Remember the great among us are the servants; if your dreams are of service then greatness is right with you.

It is important to be real with your goals and understand you have to set goals that you can reach or live up to. Make a plan of how you can meet goals, decide who or what you need to assist you achieving your goals, and challenge your self in goal setting this will improve your attitude making you work harder to reach your dreams

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