The Power of Possibilities

The Power of Possibilities

Each one of us on this earth has it, the ability to lead, motivate and inspire. Whether you are black, white, Latino, Indian, Asian or any other ethnicity. You are capable of being anything you want to be in life, the only main obstacle to your dreams being you.

Sometime our work, contributions and effort seem small and insignificance, but yet we should never forget that a small ripple can gain momentum, and build a current that is insurmountable and every big tree was once a seed. Begin with one small step and do not let others bring you down, walk your own path, your own journey for God has called us all to different purposes, some may laugh at you and many will follow but if they laugh so what? Don’t ever give up for winners never quit and losers never win.

Success comes by courage which is the ability to hold on and go on even when others are quitting and looking back, fear is the argument the devil uses to stop you to your dreams, fear keeps people small. But run the race, conquer your fears and confront your fears, do not become friends with your fears for on the other side of your fears is your great life.

Get out of the stands join the race stop observing, run the race, chose to play the game rather than being an observer of the game of life, life is what you make! So what are you making seating down in the stands. Take the risks, take a leap and watch God show up in your situation, have a good attitude think positive for what you think is what you become. Dream big, dream large, feel it, believe it, pursue it, achieve it and live it.

Whatever your dreams may be, go after them, for when you achieve them you will cause others to aspire, then inspire them to conspire with others before they expire. Ask for help, extend your hand to a friend in need, be kind and care for the needs of others and God will care for your needs. Be of good cheer being a role model, be the change you want to see in the world for the first step of change starts with you.

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