Lets Defining Leadership

Defining Leadership

Quote about leadership from Dr. Myles Monroe:
“Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by passion, generated by vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose.”


Leadership is about influencing a group or team of people. It is not about power and coercion, although you may influence others to move in a direction that is contrary to their own actions. Influence is creating the want and desire in others to do what you want and desire them to do.


Passion is contagious and a leader is most effective when he or she is passionate about the team, organization, and the work thereof. Passion is a characteristic that cannot be faked. It has to genuine and portrayed.


Leadership is action. The vision is the articulation of the action to get to where the group needs to go. The vision should be well defined and effectively communicated.


Leaders believe that what they do is important and purposeful. The belief is the conviction that drives the leader’s actions and passion. The conviction is communicated in the vision and nearly every statement of the leader.


Leaders have purpose for their actions and what they influence. Leaders seek what is best for the group and not what is best for the individual. Leaders are inherently selfless and hardworking. They are driven by their conviction and purpose and resonates the passion in their vision statements.

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