Thoughts from Conversations 2015 – phx15


Just because there is a need for it doesn’t mean you are called to it. Only God can meet every need.
Satan can’t stop what God is doing so he wants to stop you from enjoying it.
Don’t assume that whomever is questioning your plan is seeking to kill your dreams!
Everybody (including Pastors and Leaders) is in need of spiritual direction. Selah!
Sometimes the biggest faith step a pastor can take is no step at all!
Having a Sabbath in solitude and silence is trusting God ultimately with our productivity.
Pastors, do you want to be famous or do you want to be effective?
Pastoral ministry is the perfect place for people to hide.
Deeply reflecting on your inner world Is challenging because it reveals our inadequacy.
If you know your insanity (weakness, leak) you can manage it better ~Ron Elmore
It’s hard for people to metabolize the truth until they experience the grace.
Just because there is a need for it doesn’t mean you are called to it. Only God can meet every need.
We live in a culture where people confuse disagreement with judging.
To be an effective pastor you are going to have to disappoint some people.
When you take care of your body it’s not being selfish it’s making sure your vessel lasts a lifetime.
Ministry is a marathon not a sprint.
When you don’t take care of yourself it is bad stewardship of your body.
Wounds that don’t get transformed, get transferred!
When you helping someone be fully present. People can tell when you are not tuned into their hurt.
The grief of disappointment is as painful as the grief of a loved one.
The worst form of trauma on the psyche is betrayal trauma.
Some keep showing up to a job they quit a long time ago.
As Pastors We Are Always Studying To Be Publicly Competent…But Often Times We Overlook The Deficiencies In Our Own Character.
Self definition is far more important to leadership than expertise.
The dark side of pretending is what begins as a role, becomes an identity.
People pleasing and performance addiction is an occupational hazard of pastors.
Pastoral Ministry MUST be a calling that you have wrestled with BEFORE you have said Yes! It alone, can be hazardous your health.
I don’t need my friends for $, I have that. I need friends who can give me a new thought.
I’d rather have a Big Change than a Big Stage. The Stage will end but your change extends.
There’s a difference between where a leak shows up and where it originated.
At the heart of the matter, we are lonely, and fight against an insecurity that hinders us from trusting! Betrayed- too often!A lot of people don’t have relationships……just situation-ships!
Even the happiest preacher screams sometime
Everybody expects me to be there while they get to grow there
Everybody expects the pastor to be where others get to grow to be
Ministry is a silent profession

IT AIN’T OVER Ed’s Story


Ed Dobson reminds us that life isn’t over yet and that we don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the struggles we’re facing today. Difficult news can sometimes make us feel like our lives are over. Ed shows us that we don’t know the future, and that things may turn out quite differently from what we expect. Sometimes we worry too much about the future. Could living for today be what’s best for us, and could it even free us from the worries of tomorrow?

Many of us find our identity in what we do. But what happens when our career comes to an abrupt end? What happens when that job is no longer there? Are we still ourselves? Does our identity change?

Many people start each day with a list of things to accomplish. But it’s possible to get caught up in this list; to anticipate how things will go and actually feel entitled to each of our days. As if they are owed to us.