Passion is different than emotion. Emotion demands the moment; passion demands a marathon. Emotion looks for what it can get; passion looks for what it can give. Emotion is necessary, even powerful, but passion is the daily fire of momentum when you fall out of like with something. It burns without burning you. — J.S.

Rest well Ed Dobson

A few years ago I was teaching a series at The Caring Place’s Family Life Center entitled “Why do bad things happen to good people” I came across Ed Dobson’s story and decided to reach-out to Ed with some questions and to my surprise he was quick to respond.  Ed’s life story touched so many lives….


Burning Out Let’s look at the math here. It will make it obvious that creating a sustainable pace is in everybody’s best interests. Say you’re serving at the local soup kitchen for eight hours a week, and after six months you burn out. Six months contain twenty-six weeks. So in your sprint you’ve contributed two…

Global Leadership Summit Session 6 : Sam Adeyemi

Just like Bill said… Just like Jim said… then you’re suppose to clap and laugh. Crushing the power chasm Our church grew so slowly I was frustrated. I heard the Lord say, “Why do you want the church to grow?” When God asks questions, you need to remember that it is not that God doesn’t…

Global Leadership Summit 2015 Session 6 : Brian Houston

“Paul, an apostle, called by the will of God to the saints of Ephesus…” I feel like I have that type of clarity. I put unrealistic pressure on myself. You need to be comfortable to understand grace, be comfortable in your skin. Started in a gymnastic hall. Grabbed a rope and swang out over the…

Global Leadership Summit Session 5 : Horst Schulze

They told me that 250,000 people were watching this. I thought wow, 4 or 5 more and it’d be scary for a speaker. Ladies and Gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. The maitre d’ was thought of as the most important person in the room. He didn’t come into work to serve; he came to work to serve….

Global Leadership Summit 2015 Session 3: Brene Brown

I want to tell you a story about vulnerability, shame, rising strong and love. My husband and I were going to pool our vacation and rent a vacation house on Lake Travis. Steve and I met when we were competitive swimmers. Steve still swims; I’m a shame researcher. I look at Steve and say, “I’m…

Global Leadership Summit 2015 Session 1: Bill Hybels

We move leadership as moving people from here to there. Leadership is not about presiding over something. It’s not about pontificating. It’s about moving people or an organization somewhere. Some are just starting out and you’re asking: Can I do this? Some are midway and you’re asking: Can I sustain this? Some are near the finish…

Tiesha’s Story

Circumstances, choices, challenges, and chaos undermine a single mom’s attempt at overcoming poverty. She wants to provide for her children but is continually trapped in a cycle of systemic and multi-generational poverty. Watch Tiesha’s story and see how Chosen Ministries is making an impact on her life.