The Power of a Smile :)

UnknownNot all of us are born with a bolt of sunshine, but over the recent years experts all agree, that we can cheat the happiness system. We can quit searching, planning, and fighting for happiness, because the answer is right here.

I would have never imagined such a simple action could solve what we all work so hard to find? You will catch the layout in the first 30 seconds, but keep watching, I promise it’s worth your time. An incredible moment (I teared up) at 4:25, and the proof that happiness is far easier to achieve than we all imagined at 6:25.

I have a creative challenge for you. If you’re a regular to my blog, your clearly trying to create a more positive, joy filled life. So here’s your chance. It will only take 2 minutes.

Step #1: In the comments below, Write me a few sentences about who you’re thankful for.

Step #2: Email them this article and ask them to read your comment.

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