Grace in Failure – Paul Tripp

grace_in_failureI’m going to say something that might hurt your feelings. Are you ready?

You are a massive failure.

Why would I choose to say something like that? Isn’t that an unnecessarily cruel and harsh statement?

Permit me to explain. I’m deeply persuaded that all of us try to act more righteous than we actually are. We activate our inner lawyer and defend ourselves against the accusations of Scripture that say we’re in desperate need of help. We try to be somebody we’re not, convincing ourselves and those around us that we don’t actually fall short of God’s standard.

But the empirical evidence of our everyday life shows otherwise. And when you’re confronted with failure, you only have two options: you will work very hard to convince yourself that you are not a failure, or you will confess that you are a failure and run to Jesus for the help that only He can provide.

There isn’t any middle ground. That’s why I have chosen to make “Grace in Failure” available to you for a donation of any amount. This 45-minute conference session can be downloaded today in video, audio, or transcript format.

Watch an excerpt of “Grace in Failure”

In this session, I open God’s Word to 2 Peter 1:3-9 and look at Peter’s diagnosis of “ineffective and unfruitful” Christians. We want to think that Peter is talking about a “loser class” of Christians, but in fact, he’s talking about us.

Don’t run away from that. Don’t wrap robes of self-righteousness around you. Don’t try to gather evidence that would prove otherwise. Jesus died and rose again so that you can accept that status and still rest in confidence.

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