Happy Birthday Mom

2641_55068924106_7403849_n copyMother’s birthday 🙂

Maybe one day I’ll be like you, mom.

Walk with the confidence of an empowering woman with the strength like no other.

To be able to carry the weight of the entire world on your shoulders yet walk with humility, hand in hand is a vision I could only dream of.

Maybe one day I’ll be like you, mom.

Brush my falling tears to the side to bring smiles to all others.

I swear, the way the moon illuminates the entire night sky could not compare to the way you brighten my days.

And the heat of the sun on a hot summer’s day would only be the beginning of describing the warmth you bring to dispel all my fears.

Maybe one day I’ll be like you, mom.

People say I look like you, today in my reflection I saw your face and I smiled.

My life will be complete if I could just be an iota of you, mom

I love to laugh with you. I love to cry with you. I love to talk with you.

For the first time, I am at a loss for words,

To find the words to define a soul who has seen life in all its forms.

I pray to God that for every life I am to live that I be blessed with a mother like you.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful mother

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