Lessons from this journey called Life!

Have a few friends who you see often, know that their friendship matters more that many shallow acquaintances.

Chose who to be vulnerable with, be honest and vulnerable to those close to you. It will create strong bonds.

Don’t be held back, either by fear or lack of confidence. Go for it, despite these very normal emotions that we all feel occasionally.

Learn to build people up. Know that life is people and God loves His people.

Smile always, laugh often

Don’t be afraid to be weak occasionally, its part of life.

Be prepared to lose, remember it is loss we find the value of victory.

Choose to always make other people better.

Smile in the middle of storms. You know you can worship when you can praise God with a broken heart.

Remember Psalm 139:10

You are greatly loved by Jesus and the rest is detail.

You are not what you have done. You are who God says you are.

Always see the best in people, just like our Heavenly Father sees us.

When you have a choice between being nice or kind, be kind!

Remember how you speak about others, will define you.

Consider others greater than yourself. Serve faithfully, honor your commitments and be willing to be held.

Pray daily and see The Lord work in your life.

Love those who others neglect.

Make a friend, be a friend and lead your friends to Christ.

This one is one am still learning. Don’t lend money rather give it…

Remember Deuteronomy 8:18

Don’t be afraid to speak up, be wise, and know when to be silent…

Don’t be jealous when people do well, remember promotion come only from the Lord. Plus there is room for everyone to do well.

Bloom where you are planted.

Learn to shut up when you are right and speak up and admit it when wrong.

Remember the first to apologize wins.

Remember the two greatest relationships in life are 1. God, 2. With  yourself.

Don’t let a man with no hair teach you how to grow hair.

Remember Isaiah 58:11

Worry is the misuse of your brain.

Strive for excellent at the level to which you can arrive to, given the gifts God has given you. Rejoice at the victories and accomplishments of others and let your admiration inspire you and don’t let it lead you into jealousy or envy. Remember that promotion comes only from the Lord and finally learn the beautiful secret of contentment. I can do all things through Christ and this doesn’t mean I will out-earn you or outsmart you or outlearn it means God will accomplish through me all that He wants to accomplish and the same for you.

Life is worth Living.

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