My Advice to you #YoungPreacher

Credibility is more important than ability,

Your ability will give you stability if you have credibility.
When you start worrying about what people say about you,
you begin to compete with the voices and thus  losing  focus on our goals.

The fact that you are called to lead God’s people
should make you tremble.

If you want sheep to follow you grow grass.

Accountably enables you to have stability.

The Challenge is not what you can tell someone to do,
but can someone tell you what to do.

The enemy has a way of making bondage/sin look beautiful.

Compete, complain and compare are some waste mistakes
someone can do in life.

We need mentors because mentors have navigation

Great leaders facilitate others, because they do not
let people work for them they let people work with
them no wonder they excel because people feel loved.

You can never understand the pain you have not felt.

God will sometimes let you go through a temporally
problem in preparation for your permanent blessing.

One other great decision you make depends on who you
let mentor you.

At every level of success the language change, how

the most powerful thing about going to ministry should
not be what we can get but what we can give.

Ministers have to serve not to be served.

What causes a fruit to be good is where it has come
from, the root and the fruit and

Prosperity without purpose is useless.

He that is wise will never go to sleep while his
neighbor’s house is on fire.

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