Jacob’s Story

Jacob's Story is a mini-documentary about a man that once made his living by trafficking women & children for the purposes of commercial sex.

Jacob worked as a trafficker for a crime syndicate in Johannesburg South Africa. We decided to release his story because of how raw it is. In this film, he speaks openly about his work as a brothel manager and he explains how syndicates all over the world operate as they exploit the weak and powerless. Most importantly, you'll hear about the life transformation that's taken place in Jacob's life.

From trafficker to rescuer. Only in the Kingdom of God.

Jacob is living proof that when the Gospel changes the hearts of men; everything changes.

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Cinematography: Derek Hammeke & Tony Anderson
Producer: Tony Anderson
Editing, Color, Motion: Austin Upchurch
Original Score: AJ Hochhalter (Listen Design Studio)
Additional Music: Jonsi & Alex (Stokkseyri)
Sound Design & Audio Mix: Tony Anderson | Logic Pro
Additional B-Roll: Jordan West
Cameras: Canon 7D, Canon 5D MkII, Sony EX1s, 70/200mm, 10/20mm, 50mm, 16/35mm


*Names and locations have been altered to protect Jacob and his family.

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