What is Love?

A place where peace endures forever is a place called love, yet it’s a place where most of us long to be,
Love; what is love, love is not a feeling, because when a feeling is gone then you do not love any more,
Love, what will love do to you, love will make you climb a wall for the person you are in love with, just like a vine needs wall to lean on.
Many people say loving is not easy, loving is hard when you are not in love, but loving is easy when you find real love,
What is real love, well real love will stay with you in a house without electricity and Heat, when it has potential to be in a mansion with a rich man, Love will stay with you when you get fired from a job, and encourage you not to give up but to look forward to a great job awaiting your future. Love will help you find who you really are; love will criticize to make you better, Love is what love does, love is not words rather actions, to love is to do, not to know, for knowing to love is not enough we must do, and willing to love is not enough we must apply.
Love will be with you on the mountain and it will be with you in the valley, when things go wrong love will make them right, Love will be with you in the good times and bad times, love will be their when everyone else is gone, true love will love its enemies.
What is love? Love is a star, for stars do not struggle to shine,
What is love? Love is a river, for rivers do not struggle to flow.
Love will make you the best; no wonder love has power, that’s why most people miss out on the power of love for they chase the love of power.
Without love it is impossible to have peace with others without love it is impossible to please God, without love the world will not be stable,
Love will take you places where you could ever imagine, love can heal, love can change, love can inspire and love can motivate, no wonder God so loved the world and us.
Just imagined if a Palestinian young man loved an Israeli young man, or if racism did not exist, imagine if wars had never existed, imagine a peaceful middle-east, and imagine a world with love and full of love.
Governments have tried wars, talks; the only thing they have not tried is love. Why love? Because love answers all things no wonder God is love

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